STI CERT (SAFETECH COMPUTER EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM) is a private CERT/CSIRT, owned and operated by Safetech Innovations, to provide its clients in the public and private sectors, continuous monitoring of cyber security threats and intervention in case of security incidents.

As part of Safetech Innovations, STI CERT has the mission to protect our customers from security threats through:

  • Continuous monitoring (24/7)
  • Prompt cyber security incident response
  • Quick incident recovery.

STI CERT’s main objectives are :

  • Response to all type of cybersecurity events/incidents through centralized and specialized methods;
  • Delivers security alerts to clients and stakeholders;
  • Continual assessment and restatement of the quality level of security measures


  • Team Expertise - The technical team is composed of certified people, having a wide range of capabilities. The SOC staff is capable to analyse large volumes of data and intuitively recognise the need for further investigation.
  • Service Level - The level of support given by STI CERT varies depending on the type and severity of the incident or issue, the type of the impacted constituent, the size of the user community affected, and STI CERT’s resources at the time; though in all cases some response will be made.
  • Response Time - Safetech is geared to respond in a timely manner, as agreed with the client in the SLA. A certain amount of staff will be fully committed to implementing the project on the terms and conditions agreed with the client.
  • Periodic reporting and key performance indicators (KPI) managemen - STI CERT will provide KPI / KRI security metrics and indicators and a very comprehensive security report that will detail the overall security status at organisational level. The format and content of the report will be agreed upon with the beneficiary at the beginning of the contract implementation.


In 2015, Safetech successfully accredited with European recognition his CSIRT team under the name of STI CERT, becoming the sole private operational CERT on Romanian market.

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