Corporate Governance

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Corporate Governance
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Safetech Innovations SA is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of an odd number of members, ranging from a minimum of 3 (three) to a maximum of 7 (seven) members elected by the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders for a period of 2 (two) years. At the OGMS held on 18.04.2022, the following composition of the Board of Directors was voted:

Victor Gânsac – Chairman of the Board  of Directors (Bio)

Alexandru Mihailciuc – Independent Board member (Bio)

Mircea Varga - Independent Board member (Bio)

The auditor of Safetech Innovations is Baker Tilly Klitou And Partners S.R.L., registered with the National Trade Register Office of the Bucharest Tribunal under no. J40/5434/2003, with Fiscal number 15381680 – for a mandate 2 (two) year, starting from 18.04.2022.

Memorandum prepared for the admission of the shares issued by Safetech Innovations SA on the AeRO market


Corporate Governance