“The self defending inbox” with Darktrace Antigena for email, Technical Deep-Dive

          New date: 10.06.2020 @13:30- 14:15                  

                                                                                          The context

Hackers have found a new way to exploit the worries and anxiety caused by the COVID-19 virus to cause people to open emails and click on malicious links, called "fearware" by cybersecurity specialists. Hackers create highly realistic emails that appear to come from medical authorities, but instead contain malicious software that can steal personal data or take hostile control of a device. This new trend has created unique security challenges because standard email security tools automatically block only traditional phishing attacks, but these new fear ware campaigns are much more difficult to identify because each email has unique and different content.
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, hackers have created 130,000 new pandemic email domains worldwide, used specifically to bypass the standard antispam filters used by companies. According to recent studies, it is estimated that more than 10,000 web domains associated with the subject of coronavirus are created every day, and about nine out of ten are malicious and aim to deliver incorrect information or sell counterfeit products. 

Due to the global COVID-19 outbreak, many organizations are working remotely, making them even more dependent on email communication. This aspect has already been exploited by hackers, with Darktrace customers noticing an increase of approximately 700% in phishing attacks since the beginning of the February 2020 pandemic. which will trigger also better customer experience.

                                                                                          The solution

Darktrace Antigena Email, the world leader in cybersecurity, is based on Artificial Intelligence and can differentiate malicious emails from genuine business communications and therefore blocks malware from reaching the employee's inbox. 

Created with innovative Cyber AI technology, the security solution offered by Darktrace works perfectly because it understands the evolution of the "normal activity" of corporate emails and the individual users behind them. This allows it to detect new or existing cyber threats, such as domain spoofing, account takeover or impersonation attempts, which traditional security tools do not consider malware and thus allow access to. Antigen Email continuously evaluates emails using an algorithm that orders the normal communications of each user in a network, using this filter of "normality", automatically blocks malicious emails before they reach the victim.

                                                                                          The goal

The proposed of the is to go beyond traditional webinar nowadays, and to show to the interested audience, adoption use cases of innovative cybersecurity solutions, with maximum value and minimal impact on the current infrastructure and business processes

                                                                                          The outcome

You will connect with your peers and you will learn in a applied manner, about cutting-edge trends in cybersecurity, like machine learning and AI.

Do not miss this opportunity !

The Agenda

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14:00 - 14:15

        Intro, Solution mapping with latest trends,            compliance requirements 

        Darktrace enterprise Immune System and                Antigena for email introduction

        Demo, Darktrace Antigena for email


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